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I was born in East New York and lived most of my life in the Flatlands section of Brooklyn.

I moved to Staten Island to buy a home because,
Brooklyn was too expensive for me to afford.
Before becoming a civil servant,
I, like everyone else thought city workers were lazy, unqualified for their job, and overpaid.
Some friends who worked for the city suggested I do the same.
I quickly came to realize that civil servants are dedicated,
Hard working, very qualified and far from overpaid.
Many put themselves in harms way everyday,
In many ways that we donít even know or think of.
From Sanitation workers having to deal with rabid wild animals to
Sewer workers getting stuck with Hepatitis tainted needles.

Recently some friends told me that they have not had a raise in a year,
I explained to them that I have not had a raise for twelve years.
However eventually the city did settle with us, for six of the twelve years,
So I am still six years without a raise.

As a civil servant I have strived to make as much of a difference as I can.
I am looking to have a larger impact as a Public Servant,
as your Mayor.