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The Issues
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We have a lot to do in this City and these are some of the many things we should start with.

  • Strengthen and raise the sea walls and fortify the stone jetties around the city to protect us from future storms. 
  • Require all Supermarkets and Gas stations to have backup generators.
  • All pensions will be untouchable from anyone but the pensioner.
  • Have severe penalties for campaign scandals.
  • Major campaign finance reform such as;

    1)  Only registered voters living within the candidates district will be able to donate to the campaign.

    2)  Set a maximum amount of money each registered voter can donate.

    3)  Set a maximum amount of money each candidate can use for their entire campaign.

    4)  No public funds to any candidate.

  • Severe penalties for elected officials involved in conflicts of interest.
  • Eliminate Eminent Domain as it has been and will continue to be abused:
    Case in point, people being evicted from their homes to build
     a stadium.
  • Eliminate property tax as this hurts all homeowners and is constantly abused:
    Case in point, taxes continuously raised until people cannot
     afford their mortgage,
    Which will force them into foreclosure!
    Despicable, are cases like victims of  Sandy  whose homes were either, severely damaged or destroyed but, received
    notice from the city that their property taxes were being raised.

    And by eliminating property tax the rents will be lower  

  • Eliminate taxes on utility bills. Just one of many taxes that were put in place without our elected officials asking us!
  • No late night or Friday votes by city council.
  • All city council votes will be a single vote for each individual item.
  • All city council members must be present for any and all votes.
  • Eliminate discretionary spending as this is one of those things that are inherently scandalous.
  • At least one-month prior notice through continuous mass notification, as well as several town meetings before a bill that affects residents is voted on. 
  • One website that is user friendly and easy to view
    everything going on in city government, such as:

All revenue collected by the city.

All money spent by each part of the city.

All money spent on public-private contracts.

All city laws in easy to understand language and

specific reason for each law.

All city codes and regulations in easy to understand language

and specific reason for each code and regulation.

         All city council activities such as;
               Bills initiated by whom,
Specific purpose of the bill,
               Voting position of each councilmember and,
               Reason for their voting position.

  • One vote for one item on the ballot,
    Not like on the last ballot where we had one vote for seven items
  • Remove any laws that contradict the constitution.
  • Review all laws to ensure that there are no loopholes and they apply to Everyone.
  • Review all rules and regulations to ensure that there are no loopholes and that they apply to Everyone.
  • Strengthen small businesses (the heart of the city)
    by eliminating regulations that put a hardship on them.
  • If a car is illegally parked, it should be ticketed, and towed to a
    nearby street location, Not to an impound yard.
  • Remove the Authority from the MTA, TBTA, and The Port Authority.
    As an authority they have no accountability to anyone. 
  • It is time to audit the MTA, TBTA, and The Port Authority
    to find out where our money is going.
     It is time reduce tolls, and bus & train fares.
  • Remove those dedicated bus lanes, which have caused major traffic backups for all of us.
  • The city owns many vacant buildings, yet the city rents privately owned buildings that cost the taxpayers 100s of millions of dollars a year. This must stop!
  • Prevent hospitals from closing.
  • We need to put more police on the streets and improve police and neighborhood relations.
  • No firehouses closings
  • Why do teachers have to spend their own money to buy teaching supplies?  

    Where is all the lottery money that was promised to go to the 
     schools? Find it and ensure that it goes to the schools!

    Stop all the school closings.

    Reduce class sizes.

    Better attention to students that learn at different speeds to
    alleviate frustration and boredom.


  • Limit all public-private contracts to a maximum of four years    (the term of the mayor).