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• The Billion Dollar “City time scandal”
   for more information: Internet search - city time scandal.

• The Two Billion Dollar “911 system fiasco”
  for more information: NYPost.com.
  There needs to be a major investigation into this.

• The Two hundred, Forty three Million Dollars and still
   counting “Hudson Yards Money Giveaway” to rich
   corporations. Hudson Yards are in City Council Speaker
   Christine Quinn’s district.
   For more information: NYDailyNews.com .

• Total taxes taken from us for these
   scandals so far = $ 3,243,000,000 Dollars.
  That’s Three Billion Plus Dollars!!!

• Here we go again the city is selling two more buildings,
  Now the city will have to rent more private buildings on
  yours and my tax dollars.

Why is this being allowed, and where are our elected officials?