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ur elected officials are so busy trying to control what we eat and
(Soda Gate) Building a stadium for the rich and a Ferris wheel,
Instead of doing their job such as protecting the people and the city.

For example we have been getting more intense storms over the past few years,
But they have done nothing to help protect our city from future storms.

Our elected officials have a duty to inform us,
But we have the right to make our own decisions.

  • The city employs people to design and administrate projects,
    Yet they continuously hire consultants to do the exact same jobs for
    Extremely bloated salaries and some with very bad track records: 
  • City council members are our representatives,

They should not be awarding themselves and the Mayor a third term

After we spoke up against it (but they ignored our wishes).
    They can say what they want but, there is no excuse for this!!!

In my opinion that shows disrespect and contempt for the voters.

They should all be voted out of office to show we won’t allow these types of actions.


  • If you are fed up and frustrated with:

The lies

The scandals

The abuse of our constitutional rights

The over taxation

The politicians ignoring us when passing bills

The politicians who are working only for the 1%


Then it is time to put aside our political affiliations and work together as

New Yorkers to regain control of our city
 and our lives from

Those who wish to control us and treat us with little or no respect.


  • The U.S. constitution is the absolute law of the U.S.

Followed by the New York State constitution.
     Followed by the New York City charter
     Thus it is illegal to pass bills or laws that go against them,
     So elected officials attempting to pass bills or laws to circumvent
     These documents must be held accountable.


  • The US constitution states: “No taxation without representation”

I don’t remember our representatives (elected officials)

Consulting with us before creating new taxes.


  • For the past twelve years the city has been pushing privatization of civil service jobs.
    They claim this will save money.
    This is a ridiculous lie!

    Here is the breakdown of privatization:
    If the city fires ten employees and hires a contractor to do the same job,
    The contractor will use his ten employees that are paid the same salary
    as the Civil Servants they replaced,
    But now there is a contractor that must be paid,
    And also an inspector must be hired to check on the contractors work.
    How does that save money?