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 I have become so disillusioned with our politicians thinking of themselves as  Our rulers or kings that believe they only work for the extremely rich (the 1%),  and have no accountability to us, (the 99%).

Are you tired of rich career politicians moving from position to position, Telling us how much they have helped us, but things stay the same if not worse.
As one of the middle class, all I see are taxes constantly going up, And the politicians have the nerve to keep telling us how good things are. What they really mean is how good things are for them and the rich.

It is Time to remind the Elected Officials that Politics is a Public Service not a life style.

We all bear some responsibility for the problems our Elected officials have created for us. What I mean is that from us voting for a party candidate instead of the right person for the job. We all need to change our mindset before things get worse.  

·       Elected officials have a responsibility to serve all the people: 
The U.S. constitution starts with,
“We the People”,
we the politicians,
Nor we the rich,
Nor we the corporations,
Nor we the politically connected. 

·       Elected officials are Civil Servants, and as such
They should be working for the 100 % that hired (voted for) them. 

·       Elected officials constantly use scare tactics and lies to get us to vote their way.
It is time to hold them accountable for these actions. 

·       Our elected officials have taken our city from being a
Service to the people”
, into the people being a money making business to the city, This is being used to transfer all that money to the very rich through scandalous activities. Where is the accountability?

·       A major cause of high taxes is scandals and corruption.

·       A big problem is discretionary spending. This money which amounts to Hundreds of millions of dollars which Council members can give any amount to anyone they want to.  The money is controlled by the Speaker of the Council which gives the speaker a lot of power over the other council members.

·       We keep hearing that the city is broke,
But the mayor gave his seven deputy mayors big raises and
The City Council is voting to award themselves raises. 

·       The Port Authority is building a skyscraper at the expense
of commuters with no accountability,
While our elected officials stand idly by and do nothing. 

·       We keep hearing that civil servant pensions are the reason the city is broke:
This is a disgraceful lie!
A civil servants pension money comes out of their salary and
goes directly into that employee’s pension account.
After many years of contributions, and after retirement
The retiree can take out the money as needed,
But after retirement no more money is put into the account.