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I am Michael Post and I am running for
Mayor of New York City
(The Greatest City in the World)
       To try to do some good for my fellow New Yorkers.   

I am running as a Write In Candidate 
in the Mayoral Election Nov 5 2013

 I am running my campaign without contributions;
As such I will owe no one but the voters. 

If anyone would like to help with my campaign even
 in the smallest way, please go to the Contact Me page for more information

I need volunteers to help spread the word
about my campaign
     If you are interested
please e-mail me. 

    Everybody’s vote counts and together we can take back our city
If you have not registered to vote yet,
 please register as soon as you can.
Click here to learn more about registering to vote.

Please check back often as I will continue to add content.

If you have any questions, comments or
know of any issues that I have not listed,

Please e-mail me.

You will probably see issues on my website that
you won't  see on elected official's websites,
       In my opinion if I know about these issues
than the elected officials must also know about them,
However, they choose to do nothing about them.
For them that is BAD business as usual.

click here : Info@PostforMayor.com




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